Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mom Day

Happy Mom Day to the best Mother in the world. The last couple of months in my life would have been hard, but she has really helped me so much to see my potential in life. I am grateful for a good loyal friend, teacher, mother, secretary, and super talented photographer you are the best. Thanks for all you do and Happy Mothers Day! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Answer it!

Last night at 3:30 a.m my phone rang, and when someone calls at that time it's usually not good, I didn't recognize the number. It was my neighbor she was quick to tell me someone was in my brother Cameron's car and to go scare them off. Well still half a sleep i ran to the front door in my garments, and barefoot. I love stuff like this, and go over ways in my head all the time what i would do in certain situation but i was naked and not really awake. I ran out yelling, and at first i think the guy thought i was crazy he told me to back off and then flashed his knife at me. He slowly walked out of the driveway and then started running down the road so half asleep i followed after him. Right before i went to bed i was reading a book about Ephraim Hanks and how he was fearless, super strong and kinda bad ass. Reading that book kinda gave me courage, I knew he had a knife so i grabbed a good size rock in defense of course and stayed right behind him. Not long after the morning jog started i was awake and ready to kick some butt, i didn't think about shoes but running one pavement sure beat my feet up. We ran down the hill and he tried to lose me in this back yard but hit is head on the fence and it knocked him out. I was just hanging out in the street in my underwear at 3 o'clock with a robber laying on the ground talking on my cell phone no big deal. Good thing i have huge muscles because if didn't have muscles i would have been so embarrassed. Well the cops showed up and the rest is history. I hate people who steal crap and i truly believe in karma. Well actually kinda felt bad for the guy after it was over ( my soft heart) and started thinking how do people get so low in their lives that they need to go out and do stuff like that. Oh well it was fun!

Since i have been in Salt Lake i have met so many car builders which is really fun for me i met a guy named Boyd who is a Volkswagen guy who has all pre 55 stuff. We had a super good talk about life and cars. At the end of our talk he thanked me for coming out, he told me it had been years since he had sat a talked to someone because he had a falling out with some friend and they don't come by any more. Boyd is a great guy i am proud to call him my new buddy, and he has some vw's so old and rare i have never seen those models in real life not even at car shows.

Pretty sick 55 standard daily driver

*This weekend is the Salt City shootout some VW drag race series at the strip
*Cort and Ash moved into a new house it was fun to go help them move Saturday
* Going to Idaho for the Vesi spring cruise 
* I think i got asked on a date by my spin teacher/ yoga teacher (weird)
* Thursday temple day
Draper, Salt lake
Life has been so so good, i feel my life is really balanced. 

I love this quote because i feel at this time in my life their are people who are doing things that might somehow be legally right but in no way are morally right. Keep it simple stupid!
There are no easy answers' but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.
Ronald Reagan

Friday, April 27, 2012

Temple Night

Last night i went to the Salt Lake temple for my first time ever. Going to the temple has always been a good experience but knew last night was going to be something great, and it was. I almost didn't go because i was so so busy doing nothing but i really felt it was imperative to attend. I didn't really want to go and had all the regular excuses everyone has when they don't want to do something but know they should. I really didn't have the amazing spiritual experiences i thought i would but just being there i knew i was doing something right. I loved looking around at all the details and just to think of the history that was there. I love the temple and the instruction i can get for my life when i attend.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Never say that

Things around here are going super good and I am starting to move on with my life and meeting some pretty rad people. I have been doing things that make me happy and have a couple of opportunities that i could only dream about. 
Yesterday I went down to Ogden to hang out with some Volkswagen friends and go to lunch. I like those guys so much because they are so positive and friends with everyone. Here are some pictures i took of the cars.

Quotes from twitter:
*Life is like a blind man with a Rubik's Cube...
*I found a mostly full tub of popcorn at the movies so I ate it.
*My car heater needs almost no time to heat up on a hot day...
*If you miss breakfast, lunch becomes the most important meal of the day by default.
*If i'm going to volunteer for something, I expect to get paid.
*All little kids look the same to me... Unless they're extra ugly.
*It's harder to tell if a person is stupid if they never open their mouth... 
*Sometimes I dream in different languages and have no clue what's going on.

(The view from my deck tonight after dinner)

Real life is not always going to be perfect or go our way, but the recurring acknowledgment of what is working in our lives can help us not only survive but surmount our difficulties. 


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy s day

Well i so so excited to make this post today, its hard to believe it has been five years ago i had my stroke.
I almost think that my stroke birthday means more to me than my real birthday, because of the things i have been able to accomplish. I am grateful for the prayers i received as i was going through this trial i know that they were answered and i am doing good today because of my Heavenly Father has heard those prayers.

* Nurses and Doctor visits
* Hours and Hours of cat scans
*Knowing what i want to say but not really being able to communicate
* Spinal taps are painful (I think it is the most pain i have ever gone through)
 * Bright lights hurt my brain
* Not knowing if this was a cancerous tumor was stressful
* The doctor saying if they had to do surgery, i wouldn't walk without a walker
* Listening to my mom talk on the phone ha ha.
* Seeing Nicole stressed out hurt my heart                                                                                                   

I needed people to celebrate the triumphs i made everyday because my successes, no matter how small, inspire me.

 *I was bound and determined to walk out of the hospital by myself on the release date. The walk from my room to the car took all i had.
* I got tired a lot doing small things
* I heard the doctors say, "If you don't have your abilities back by one year after your stroke, then you won't get them back!" Believe me, this is not true.

Eventually i was like a toddler wanting to go out and explore

* I remember paying for my gas at the gas station and someone behind me in a hurry saying "what are you retarded, hurry" that moment is forever etched in my mind and makes me want to be a better person.
* I remember all the lawn care companies in town with the help of my brother Shawn pitched in to help me so i wouldn't loose my lawn care business. I will be forever in debt to them.

I have read a small book called "My Stroke of Insight"   It is about a lady who had a stroke and really captured the whole experience in writing. It is a really inspiring book i cried through the whole thing because her stroke was very similar to mine and brought back many memories. I would highly recommend it so in the future if someone close to you has a stroke you will understand them more and know what they are going through.

I may not be in total control of what happens to my life, but i certainly am in control of how i choose to preceive my experience.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


This last week at racquetball leagues i won my first game in five years since having my stroke. I have played, played, and played but gosh dang it, i could not win. I have been trying to play and practice a lot but it seems like i would get overwhelmed by frustration, discouragement and yes the occasional bad word. Anyway those small accomplishments like winning a stupid racquetball game means so much to me because i have set so many goals to get there.
 I was walking around with the biggest smile that night, I had a guy stop me and ask me why i was so happy, and sure enough i had to tell him. I was able to tell him about my stroke, my goals to overcome, and my winning the game that made me so happy.
We sat and talked for a bit and come to find he is a professional public speaker and asked me to think about joining him in his next event and sharing my story. I was quick to let him know i hated public speaking and i would not have anything to do with it. We exchanged numbers and he let me know he was leaving town for the week to go to Hawaii to speak but when he gets home we would sit down and talk. He told me he speaks all over the country, and speaks on about 10 cruise ships a year. I never thought  about public speaking but it could be really cool, he told me about some meeting to attend to learn the basics on public speaking and presenting, so this week i am attending my first toastmasters meeting here in Salt Lake. Wow! Just my luck nothing will happen but i kinda like the thought of learning some presenting skills to help if i give a talk in church, teach, instruct employes, or really how to communicate better in life. I really would love to explore it more even if i don't become a great public speaker I know that the guy i talked to John was put in my life straight from my Heavenly Father. You just don't know what Heavenly Father has is store for us, sometimes i think he is crazy but  he really knows what we need to do, now if he would just bless me with some hot babe things would be perfect. I can't complain my life right now is pretty perfect and going just as planned. Anyway that was exciting for me and i thought i would share it.
This is a quote i found i think on twitter, i don't remember who said it but i love it!
Being uncertain about the future is a good thing. It means the possibilities could be endless.
Here are some things i have been doing:
- It seems like i have been to Idaho every other week for the past couple of months doing volkswagen things, hanging out with some friends and family. I have really enjoyed my time up there and hope there are more good times to come.
- I have made it to the Jan,Feb,and March vesi meetings.
- I have met with a counselor to go back to school this fall for business management, before i didn't know what to study but i really think anything buisness would be a good asset in my life and i find it interesting.
- I am fixing a car for my dad to drive around this summer, i bought it from this guy who lives by me and yes it is a Vw. The car is a 1963 Karmann ghia, but i call it the karma ghia. P.s. do unto other what you would like to have done to you or karma will get ya.  It's going to be a cool old car.
wayne's car 56 rag 
Utah friends

Dad's new ride

My man space

Life is going great!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


This Posting stuff on the Blog is hard and takes tons of time. I have made it a goal to try and post once every other week since i am not committed to write in my journal.
I have added a twitter account to my social media sites. Let me just tell you people are super funny and witty. I don't have plans on twitting,  but i have meet some new friends that are super funny who tweet all the time that i follow. There are nights before bed i will check my account and will find myself laughing so hard. There is also lots of wisdom that fits my life at that time SAMPLE ...
 -Being uncertain about the future is a good thing. It means the possibilities could be endless. 
-Both of my headlights went out... Now I just drive around with my brights on all the time like an a_ _ hole. 
-Don't stay together with someone just because you're afraid of being alone. 
-I can't believe I used to think I knew everything. I've learned a lot since then...
-Not all bodies are temples...
-When you're an adult you can have Halloween any day you want by eating copious amounts of candy and/or wearing a ridiculous costume.
-So they tell me to stop drinking diet soda because it's "bad for me"... Now I'm fat. Thanks a lot.
-Honestly I DON'T hate you, but if part of you was on fire and I had a glass of water.. I'd drink it.
-Clerk at the gas station "do you need a bag?" "nope, I have average sized hands."
-I don't hate anyone. .....Ok, maybe a few people.
Those are just a few one liners that i think are funny. My Brother Griffin is one of the funniest ones i follow most of these are from him.
My picking adventure the other night in Salt Lake so so much stuff
 Life is super good, I am so so blessed for everyone I have in my life right now.